POSH Compliant Workplaces are More Productive

“We need a world where women don’t get sexually harassed. Full Stop. Period.”
– Sherly Sandberg, Facebook COO

Sandhya’s Story

Sandhya was a brilliant young scientist with a great career ahead of her. She was an extremely dedicated professional with a zeal to make a difference in the life of people with her research. During one of the seminars, she met Prashant another brilliant scientist, both struck a chord immediately and within no time they were married. Sandhya had applied for long marriage leave. After her leave, she reported back to work and got involved in her work as usual. Since her marriage and added responsibilities, on one of the days she reported late to work, she was immediately summoned by her boss for an explanation. When she entered the office of her superior before she could explain, the boss said, “looks like your husband isn’t allowing you to sleep at night, you guys seem to be having lots of pleasure, waking up late every day, why don’t you give some pleasure to all of us.” Sandhya froze for a moment not expecting a statement like this from a senior colleague. The boss continued, “this behavior is unacceptable, please come to the office on time.”

What’s your reaction to a statement like this and what would you do?

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What is POSH Training?

PoSH (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal of Sexual Harassment at the workplace) is a training program that helps employees identify the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behavior at the workplace. The POSH Act of 2013 mandates the organization to conduct POSH training at the workplace. The POSH sensitization training helps the organization create a safer and more productive workplace. It will help the employees respect individual boundaries. The Employee can work without any fear of being sexually harassed. Any act of sexual harassment can tarnish the reputation of the organization and by not following the POSH act the organizations are liable for a fine up to Rs. 50,000.

Our POSH Awareness Training…

·        Helps your staff understand the nuances of sexual harassment at the workplace

·        Make your workplace safer

·        Free certificate for statutory compliance

·        Get a free consultation from our team of experts

·        IC members capacity building

·        Formation of POSH policy

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Trainer's Profile

Sajid Merchant is a Management Professional with 25 years of industry experience. He has worked in senior learning & development positions with leading Education, Engineering, and Healthcare Organizations. He is an expert in organizational change, leadership development, and Human Resources Management. He has various certifications in learning and development from leading institutions.